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Commercial listings

Advertising opportunity for RV dealers and outdoor companies

We invite Canadian camping / outdoor related business to promote themselves on campgrounds of Canada. They can purchase one (or more than one) commercial listing.

Advertise with us

Commercial listing = Advertorial

A commercial listing is like an advertorial: you can enter your business information, upload photos, manage your location (using a Google Map) and link directly to your website. We call it a 'mini website on a page'.

Compare to other sites

If you compare advertising with us to advertising on other sites - the difference is clear. You won't just get a banner. No, here you will get a whole dedicated page on a domain that matters. And you are in control: change your information whenever you want. Your business page will not only benefit from the visitors already coming to our site, you will also benefit from our highly optimized code for the search engines.

Currently, has a Google Pagerank of 4. That means that a link from our site to your website will make a difference for you. On you will get a direct link.

In time, when the search functionality will be active - commercial listings will also be included in the search results.

Photo gallery

Commercial listings also have their own photo gallery. Upload your product photos. Upload RV photos. Or upload photos from your last Whale Watching trip. Don't just tell about your product or service, show it! And did you sell that RV? Or did you even see more whales on your latest trip? Just replace or add any photos. You can do it 24/7.

Eligible businesses

We do not allow all businesses to advertise on Since this is a Canadian site, only Canadian businesses are eligible to purchase a Commercial Listing. Your company also needs to be a camping / outdoor related business.

Finally your company will need to fit in at least one of the following categories:

  • RV dealer
  • RV service provider
  • RV rental service
  • Outdoor/Camping gear (store)
  • Outdoor activity (trips/tours)

This is our current list of eligible business types. If you feel your company is perfect for campers and/or RV-ers but doesn't fit in one of these cateories, do not hesitate to contact us.

If your compamy does fit in one of the above categories - you may sign up right now and add your business.

Pricing Commercial Listings

To list and maintain your Commercial Listing on campgrounds of Canada you can choose for how long your listing will be on here. Before your period ends, you will receive an e-mail. If you do nothing, your listing will expire and dissapear from the site. We won't bill you automatically. If you want to continue your listing you will need to purchase a new period yourself.

Once your listing is online and you are the owner you can edit / modify your listing as often as you need. It is really easy and you will be able to do it.

Please note that all amounts paid are non-refundable.

All prices are in Canadian dollars and without Tax.

1 year

Total costs: $CAD 390.00
( price per year: $CAD 390.00 is as low as just $CAD 32.50 per month )

2 years

Total costs: $CAD 720.00
( price per year: $CAD 360.00 is as low as just $CAD 30.00 per month )

3 years

Total costs: $CAD 972.00
( price per year: $CAD 324.00 is as low as just $CAD 27.00 per month )

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I own a campground and I also sell RV's. What can I do?

For your campground - you can get a campground listing. Please note that campground listings are ONLY for Campgrounds/RV parks. Sure, you can tell about the cabins that you have or even your motel if it is part of your campground.

But for your RV dealership (or any other business that would fit into the commercial listings categories) you will need to set up a separate account and purchase a commercial listing.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Can I get a campground listing and a commercial listing using the same account?

No, you can't. When you sign up you will have to make a choice. Is the account for a campground / RV park, or is the account used to get a commercial listing. If you need a campground listing and a commercial listing - you will need to get two separate accounts.

Can maintain multiple listings?

Yes, you can. If you have multiple locations - you can get a commercial listing for each location. You won't need to get a separate account as long as the listings are the same type. On a single account you can get as many commercial listings as you need.

I need more than 5 listings.

Awesome. Contact us and we will make you a deal.

If you have a different question don't hesitate to ask us. We are here to help :)

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