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Right now has 3,829 Canadian cities/towns/communities listed. These cities are sorted per Province or Territory and very easy to access by visitors. Also, a lot of visitors land on these city pages after a search.

How does the site work?

Visitors can browse cities/towns to see if there are campgrounds of RV parks available. Also there will be a search page - which will also include city pages as results.

At the top of a city page we would like a good description / introduction text of that city. It will help visitors decide if they want to go to that city and camp there!

Tourism office / Visitor Centre / Chamber of Commerce

That's where the Tourism offices come in: we can't write these introductions ourselves. We don't know your city! But you do.

We would like to receive a good promotional text of your city. You probably have one already - please send it to us! We will give credit to you for the text and provide a link back to your site as well. Also if you have links in your text - we will make these links work as well.

Extra benefits for your campgrounds and RV parks
By promoting your city you will also promote businesses in your area. Everybody benefits! Also, by submitting a text, campgrounds and RV parks in your area will receive an additional free month when they sign up. All you have to do is submit a cool text about your town.

Please note: We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change or remove portions of your text at any time. Basically, the text should be just about your city/town and nothing else. Also: we will validate every text sent to us before we publish it.

Benefits for you and the campgrounds in your city

City pages with their own text receive more visitors than citie pages without a text. So there is your benefit - more people read about your city, town or community.

But you also help the campgrounds and RV parks on your page. They will get an additional free month when they sign up. So, submit your text and let your campground and RV park owners know!

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Please provide a global text about your city/town. It should not be just about camping - it should focus on every aspect of your city / town. In short, you want to convince our visitors to go to your town!

Right now we only accept text, but we have plans to add photos as well. Stay tuned and we will let everybody know when you can send photos as well.

But we don't have any campgrounds or RV parks...
Well, we don't mind! Your city page will be found by Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. So you can still tell visitors about your city/town. And maybe in the future you will have a campground or RV park.

So please do send us your text! E-mail your text or questions/remarks to: .

Or submit your info directly on submit your city promotion text page.

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Although we would appreciate a link back to our site very much, it is not required.

If you do want to put a link on your site, please link to Let us know if you need a custom size logo, we will gladly provide you with one.

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