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To list and maintain your Campground or RVPark on campgrounds of Canada you can choose for how long your listing will be on here. Before your period ends, you will receive an e-mail. If you do nothing, your listing will expire and we won't bill you again. If you want to continue your listing you will need to purchase a new period yourself.

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Please note that these prices are in Canadian dollars and without Tax.

1 year

Total costs: $CAD 24.00
( price per year: $CAD 24.00 is as low as just $CAD 2.00 per month )

2 years

Total costs: $CAD 44.40
( price per year: $CAD 22.20 is as low as just $CAD 1.85 per month )

3 years

Total costs: $CAD 59.40
( price per year: $CAD 19.80 is as low as just $CAD 1.65 per month )

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Commercial listings

note Prices on this page are for Canadian Campgrounds and RV Parks only. Please visit the Commercial Listings page for more information about commercial listing.

If you have a campground, but you also sell RV's , you cannot combine these two into one account. You will have to get a seperate 'commercial' account for your RV dealer business and use a Commercial Listing for your RV dealer business.

Camping in Canada

Welcome to the ultimate list of every Canadian Campground and RV Park.

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